Cannonau Likeness International

May 20-22 2023.

Selection of the best
Cannonau and Similar wines

The Importance of Participation

Enhancing the Cannonau Territories through Synergy between Local Wineries and Communication.

There will be Tasting Committees comprised of prominent figures from the world of wine, including wine distributors, local and national journalists, wine shop owners, and restaurateurs. This diverse mix of judges will evaluate the best quality wines that are participating in the event. To ensure complete transparency, tastings will be conducted blindfolded by three committees, each composed of a maximum of five judges. Participating wineries will receive a certificate of merit, and recognition will also be given to individuals who have promoted Sardinian wine culture.
Please note that “Cannonau” is a specific type of wine from Sardinia, so it may not need to be translated depending on the context. Also, be sure to check for any specific style or formatting requirements for your intended audience or publication.


The Springs of Su Gologone

An emerald set among the rocks. Su Gologone is a stunning karst spring that appears as a small lake nestled between two high walls of dolomite rock, where the crystal-clear water takes on shades ranging from emerald green to turquoise, to deep blue, depending on the light and the time…

Seadas: Unique Taste with Cultural SignificanceLe seadas: gusto unico dal significato culturale

Seadas are a traditional Sardinian dessert that originates from the region of Barbagia, located in central Sardinia. They are a sweet fried pastry that typically has the shape of a donut or a ring, and are commonly served during special occasions and festivals in Sardinia, such as Easter and Carnival.…

The tenore singing, a precious gem to be cherished

If Sardinian culture is a treasure trove full of discoveries, the tenore singing is arguably its most precious gem.It is a very ancient form of singing performed by four male voices whose origins are lost in the mists of time. Its characteristics are so unique that it has developed over…

Cortes Apertas – A Journey through Time

Every year, for over 25 years, on the second weekend of September, Oliena opens its homes to visitors. The ancient courtyards of Oliena, called ‘sas cortes’ in local dialect, reveal the most authentic aspects of culture, food and wine, and traditional barbaric customs. It’s a journey through the streets of…

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New Website of Cannonau Likeness International is Now Online

The construction of the official website of Cannonau Likeness International has been completed. It will serve as a source of updated information about the territory of Sardinia and Cannonau wine, offering research content and scientific insights about the variety and the ideal pedoclimatic environment for this grapevine. The website will…

Cannonau Likeness International at Vinitaly 2023

Cannonau Likeness International will be presented at the Sardegna Pavilion on April 2, 2023 at 10:30 am during the upcoming Vinitaly, in the presence of the Institutions of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia. At Vinitaly, you can also taste the wines produced by Cannonau at the Vinoway stand located in…

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