The Springs of Su Gologone

An emerald set among the rocks.

Su Gologone is a stunning karst spring that appears as a small lake nestled between two high walls of dolomite rock, where the crystal-clear water takes on shades ranging from emerald green to turquoise, to deep blue, depending on the light and the time of day.

The springs are located at the foot of Mount Uddè, in the Supramonte of Oliena, and are likely the most important in all of Sardinia, with an average water flow of over five hundred liters per second, which can easily exceed ten thousand during the most impressive floods.

The transparency and remarkable depth of Su Gologone’s waters have always been an irresistible challenge for numerous cave divers who periodically come from various parts of the world to explore its intricate caves, demonstrating great skill and courage. The most important exploratory expedition was carried out in 2010 by the Italian diver Alberto Cavedon, who reached a depth of 135 meters.

The mystery and allure of this spring, which still has many unexplored recesses, remain intact. Perhaps that is why every year this natural monument attracts thousands of visitors from around the world, confirming its status as one of the most visited natural sites on the island.